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EMBC2020 Preconference Workshop


Feature Engineering and Computational Intelligence in Wearable Health Monitoring 

This half-day workshop is organized by the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and is geared toward graduate students, young researchers and enthusiasts entering the field of Wearable Health Monitoring.  Recent advances in wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices has led to an explosion of routinely collected individual health data. The use of feature engineering and computational intelligence (commonly known as artificial intelligence (AI)) methods to turn these ever-growing health monitoring data into clinical benefits seems as if it should be an obvious path to take. However, this field is still in its infancy, and lots of essential concepts and method solutions should be clarified in depth. Among them, how to enhance the clinical efficiency of a lot of features from the massive data and how to improve the rationality and interpretability of AI algorithms in practical applications, are two major challenges. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for discussing the latest progresses, such as wearable device development, feature engineering and computational intelligence techniques for wearable health monitoring, and exploring the new solutions, with an emphasis on how these methods can be efficiently used on the emerging need and challenge -- dynamic, continuous & long-term individual health monitoring and real-time feedback, aiming to provide a “snapshot” of the state of current research at the interface between device development and clinical application,  between signal analysis and standard database development. It could help clarify some dilemmas and encourage further investigations in this field, to explore rational applications of feature engineering and computational intelligence in clinical practices for health monitoring.

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